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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Piolo Pascual Biography

Piolo Pascual, Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual in real life, was born on January 12, 1977 to Filipino mother and a German-Spanish father. He has a son named IƱigo from his former girlfriend.

Piolo Pascual's acting career started in University of Santo Tomas when, as a Physical Therapy student, he joined the theatetrical group "Teatro Tomasino".

His first TV appearance is in Kuya Germ's "That's Entertainment". He also appeared in ABS-CBN's educational show ATBP as Kuya Miguel. His first big break in TV is "Sa Sandaling Kailangan mo Ako" where he received an Asian TV Awards Best Drama Actor nomination.

Piolo's first big movie break was the title role in "Lagarista" where he received his first Gawad Urian nomination for Best Actor. This movie was also exhibited in the toronto, Pusan and Hongkong Film festivals.

In 2009, Piolo started the year with the movie "Love Me Again (Land Down Under)" opposite Angel Locsin. They had a location shoot from the beautiful ranches of Bukidnon to as far as Australia. The movie was a box office hit and received positive reviews from movie critics.

Piolo and is also slated to be paired with KC Concepcion for the Philippine remake of the koreanovela "Lovers In Paris". A movie with KC is also lined up for them with a tentative working title "The Man I Loved" which is scheduled to hit the big screen in the middle of 2009.


  1. there is a video famous in youtube concerning piolo's real gesture. it is really embarrassing and disappointing especially for me who adored him so much. i wish in this what he publicized as his "son" be real. i am hoping that piolo is not making people believe the "untrue"...that he is not creating a dummy "inigo" only to hide his sexuality...it is really not fair for us as his fans.

  2. I just love papa piolo. please kung ano man ang youtube na video na yan, pakisabi nga ang URL para makita ko rin. baka ma-turn off ako.

  3. If you love or have a fave artist you don't have to think or to judge their personality or tehir sexual preference in life. As long as they are good in terms of acting or their chosen path we as fans need to support them..
    As the day end they are still humans like us...
    Go Piolo we are very happy that you have reached your goals.. continue fighting and we are always here for you..

  4. Kahit anong paninira ang gawin nila, Papa Piolo pa rin ako! He is a very good actor ang handsome so that's why every little thing he is going to do, they give meaning ot it and spread it all over the internet.

    go Piolo Pascual!

  5. piolo pascual to my opinion is gay. Silahis na gay.